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Congratulations on your interest in homeownership!

I am certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) as an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) which means I possess specialized training in locating, negotiating and closing residential homes representing the buyer. I pledge to always keep you informed while protecting your interests throughout the process and beyond. As a buyer you do not pay for my representation. I am compensated by the listing agent for bringing a competent buyer to the table. I am confident that with my team behind us, the process will be stress free and fun.

First, we must determine where your credit stands. We can only move as far as the money will let us. Speaking with a mortgage professional will tell us many important things: What are credit scores are, what amount we qualify for, what our interest rate may be, how much down payment and closing cost assistance we may require, etc. From there we determine a monthly mortgage payment you are comfortable with and begin our home search!

I have a go-to local mortgage broker to whom I refer all my clients but this is your money. If you have a strong relationship with another competent financial institution, I respect that and have worked with everyone from Bank of America to small, rural credit unions.

I guarantee that you will not find a home before I do:

While you are contacting the lender we can begin the fun part. Let’s start the buying process by generating a home search directly through the multiple listing system (MLS). This search is at no cost or obligation to you. I simply set the parameters you give me for MLS search engine and it will email you the most up-to-date listings as soon they come on the market. This is very different from secondary sites like Zillow that feed off the MLS, sometimes take days to catch up produce dated information with skewed numbers.
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