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Sellers FAQs

What is my home worth?

Your home’s true “market worth” is determined by several factors such as the recent sales of comparable homes in your area. Your home is not worth what the county appraisal district lists it is, I assure you. I will generate a competitive market analysis (CMA) tailored to your home based on recent sales and provide a detailed breakdown of the market specific to your home. The numbers I provide are recent, they are calculable and will be supported by documented market activity.

What price can we list at/what price can we sell it for?

What your home is worth and what we can sell it for may be two different figures. We must not only be “on” the market, but IN the market. ex. That home in your neighborhood that has had a real estate sign in front of it for 6 months is “on” the market. It is not IN the market. I will provide a complete and detailed market analysis with documented and calculable figures from recent closings of comparable homes. This analysis is complete with the area’s showing statistics and a net sheet stating your net profit at closing.

What do I need to repair/replace before we list?

“Do not spend $1 if we can’t make $2 back.” In short, this is the principle of increasing and decreasing returns. I provide a free pre-listing walk through of my potential listings guiding sellers through their own home. I have been through enough inspections and appraisals to a large extent know what issues to address and prioritize them. Very often, certain repairs and/or improvements aren’t financially feasible and rendered unnecessary. I have pledged not only to make you money, but save you money as well.

What will be my expenses?

There are typical seller expenses as there are buyer expenses. Some typical seller expenses would be your payoff, Realtor fees, title policy, survey, taxes, HOA resale certificate, supplemental homeowner’s warranty and any closing cost assistance and/or repairs agreed upon. All these expenses are of course, specific to the property and should be discussed.

What if the home doesn’t meet appraisal?

While this is a relatively rare occurrence, it does happen. If our sales price does not meet appraisal, typically one of four things can happen:

  1. The seller agrees to reduce the sales price to meet the appraisal price.
  2. The sales price remains the same and buyer pays the difference out of pocket.
  3. The seller and buyer split the difference and meet somewhere in the middle or
  4. Seller and buyer refuse to budge either way, the buyer has his earnest money returned and the home either goes back on the market or the listing is cancelled.

What are your fees?

I typically charge an industry standard of *6% to list a home. I do not try to reinvent the wheel. If I find a qualified buyer who submits an agreed upon offer, I earn the full 6%. If another Realtor brings the buyer, I pay him half of my commission (3%). I offer significant discounts to active and retired law enforcement and firefighters that is specific to that listing. I also provide a “quality of life program” where I list a home for 5% if I am the Realtor of record on your next home purchase. *When I offer these programs I give the buyer’s agent their full 3% commission and I happily accept the 2%. Some listing agents offer a 2.5% commission split to other agents which tends to deter viewings.

Will you hold an open house?

I have found that my sellers discourage open houses as it increases the number of strangers in their homes. We must remember that the folks coming in and out are not prequalified and in more cases than not, are just “nosey neighbors”. Our selling market is strong enough to render open houses ineffective and unnecessary and frankly, the open house is designed to showcase the agent as much as the home. Because we are dedicated to customer service, yes I would consider holding an open house upon my client’s request.