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I am honored you are listing your home with me!

The listing of any property is not one to be taken lightly or without significant preparation.  I pledge to do all I can to sell your property for top dollar in the quickest timeframe possible. I do not subscribe to the “plant and pray” philosophy of home selling. (Plant a sign and pray it sells.)
I would like to generate thorough and precise (CMA) comparative market analysis of your property that will give us a solid bead on list price, sales price and days on market.
I will also access and research a showings database to reveal the most actively viewed homes in our area and have a profit net sheet generated calculating most costs and fees we will encounter in the process. This net sheet will give us a reliable profit figure we can rely upon the closing table. There will be no surprises throughout this process.

What is my plan for selling your home?

Online saturation: Our listing will be marketed on real estate websites globally. I spend significant marketing dollars bombarding the real estate market with my listings. Yes, you will find our listing on Zillow,, Google homes, etc., but more importantly we are on the multiple listing system (MLS); the database from which those secondary website’s feed.

I possess a major online presence and enthusiastically utilize every avenue available to the benefit of my sellers. When the vast majority of the buying community starts their home search online in one way or another, this is a major advantage in the marketing and ultimately the sale of our listing. Your home will be marketed on this website, both my personal and business Facebook pages, Twitter page, Youtube vlogs, Linkedin announcements, and Pinterest boards.

Industry Strategies: Through the MLS database I encourage viewings by specifically targeting and personally contacting agents who specialize in our area. I also access a seldom used MLS database called reverse prospecting. This MLS function allows me to find and notify agents with clients who have responded favorably to our listing through their own MLS home search. Very often their agent isn’t aware of their interest but they will be after my phone call.

We do not subscribe to the plant and pray philosophy of real estate here. (Plant a sign and pray it sells)

The 4 cornerstones of a sale: (We control 3 of them!)

  • Marketing: I am proud to boast a huge online presence as over 97% of buyers begin their home searches online so I spare little expense in this arena. I pay for every dime of our marketing out of pocket so it is in my own best interest to sell your home and for top dollar! The marketing of your home will never be in question. The real estate market will be saturated with our listing.
  • Condition: During our listing appointment we will discuss possible issues with the home that may hinder our profitability. If we tend to these items, I am confident our listing will show beautifully.
  • Price: Price overcomes almost any flaw. Buyers will overlook many of a home’s “faults” if they can see “bang for their buck”. We must find a balance between a profit and a timely sale. For the most part I defer to the client regarding the listing price as long as we are within my suggested competitive price range.
  • Location: This is the only dynamic we can’t change so we mustn’t worry about it. Railroads, traffic, bad neighbors and general decay of a neighborhood may be reasons a home won’t sell.

Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. I will tie up all loose ends: